Institutional Repository

Institutional Repository The archive comprises approximately 15,000 copies
Credit: Butantan Communication

Repository of Intellectual Production of Instituto Butantan

The Repository of Intellectual Production of Instituto Butantan has been created to gather, preserve and provide access to academic works, articles, patents, guides, manuals, books, publications and educational games produced by researchers, technicians, employees and students of the Institution.

The curation of publications, organization and standardization of data is being carried out by the staff of the Instituto Butantan Library.

The work of populating the Repository began with articles from 2018, authored by researchers, technicians and students from Instituto Butantan, published in journals indexed in the Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed and SciELO databases. Currently, more than 750 articles have been cataloged, from 2018 to 2020.

Our next step includes expanding the coverage of the Repository with the inclusion of years prior to 2018 and academic productions (monographs, dissertations and theses) and other types of publications, such as books, manuals, educational games, guides and leaflets.

To access the publications of the Repository click here.

Archive and Publications

The archive comprises approximately 15,000 copies, including books, theses, dissertations and 200,000 issues of scientific journals in the areas of research: toxins, biotechnology, immunology, pharmacology, biodiversity, among others. In addition, the Library makes available the entire archive of Memories of Instituto Butantan, the History of Science Notebooks and the Vital Brazil archive (all available in Brazilian Portuguese).


The electronic catalogue gathers the works available in our archive: books, booklets, manuals, dissertations, theses, among others. While we reorganize our archive, if you cannot find the work you want, please contact us to make sure that the work is not part of our archive by email:
(+55 11) 2627-9757.