Innovation Equipments of the Centre of Excellence in New Target Discovery (CENTD)
Credit: Butantan’s Communications Office

Scientific and Technological Institutions (Instituições Científicas e Tecnológicas, ICTs), such as Universities and Research Institutes, are undoubtedly fundamental for the production and advancement of scientific and technological knowledge; therefore, any sophisticated economic system in the world increasingly depends on the exchange of knowledge between ICTs and companies.

The process of developing new products goes through a series of risks inherent to innovative processes. With that in mind, there has been an increasing stimulus for interaction between the public and private sectors so that critical stages of the new product development process can be developed by companies in partnership with public institutions such as ICTs, which are better equipped in terms of infrastructure and know-how, and can minimize both time of development and resources invested.

In Brazil, health R&D has focused mainly in the public sector, in institutes of excellence such as Butantan, linked to the São Paulo State Department of Health and internationally considered as one of the largest centers of biomedical research and main public producer of vaccines, antivenoms and antitoxins in Latin America.

The Innovation Directorate is responsible for the policy for integral development of new products, from the discovery of targets to their pilot production. It is prepared to conduct the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge developed by various research centers, both for the institution's production complex and for companies interested in developing and commercially exploring such technology, whether through new products, processes or application in materials and/or services in health care.

The Innovation Directorate works by synchronizing the integrated efforts of various units of the Institution. 


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